Where to Get Snus Outside of Sweden

Snus is a niche tobacco-based chewing product that doesn’t require spitting. It’s steam-pasteurized, which makes it moist, and is widely used in Norway and Sweden, which are the only European countries in which it is legal. It’s sold primarily in these countries, as well as the Faroe Islands. It’s also used in Belarus and Russia, and has gained a growing popularity in the United States, although the production quality isn’t comparable to the way it’s manufactured in Europe.


Swedish snus made with air-dried ground tobacco is that is then mixed with water, sodium and an alkalizing agent, typically sodium carbonate. After it’s heated again, there are food grade aromas that are usually added to give it flavour. It’s sold in a loose variety, which comes in packets or portioned in tea-like bags that come in various sizes ranging from mini to maxi – normal is, as one would guess, in between. The mini portions are usually about 0.5 grams; the normal size is about 0.8 to one grams; while the maxi portions can range up to 1.5 grams.


Although purchasing snus can be difficult outside of the aforementioned countries, it is available online through sites which have a wide variety of products for snus connoisseurs.

While it’s still illegal to purchase it in most European states, there are ongoing debates and campaigns around making it legal, given its widespread use.


Snus first became popular in the 1600s in France and was initially used as a remedy for headaches by Catherine de’ Medici. It’s smokeless and is primarily used by placing it between the lips and gums for extended periods of time. The popularity of snus eventually spread to Sweden in the 17th century, and production began there in the 19th century. The oldest known brand that’s still sold today was registered in 1822, and to this day it’s widely enjoyed.