Things to Do When You Have Car Wi-Fi

As technology advances so too do the Wi-Fi capabilities. Modern cars are able to use Wi-Fi and create a hotspot so that anyone within the car can get internet connectivity. With this new function, car journeys have been changed for the better, with many of the passengers able to while away the time performing some of their favourite online activities at their leisure.

There are a number of different ways to have Wi-Fi in the car. The easiest option is a MiFi, a wireless router that creates a hotspot within the car, though these must be paid for through a monthly provider. Some manufacturers have taken this one step further by making the car itself the tethering spot and thus a giant hotspot through its own system.

Whilst the driver themselves may be unable to partake of this new feature, they will reap some rewards in the fact that the car journey may be silent. Those travelling will children will find it easy to simply stream a movie for them for the duration of the journey. Alternatively, if they have a favourite game, this can be put on for them to play, giving them hours of amusement.

Another entertainment option is to access online gambling games. Online casinos are now so popular that they have made sure to be compatible with mobile devices. What better way to travel than to win some money en route to your destination. Players can also grab good bonus deals in this manner and can even learn some techniques and strategies on how to become a better player, which can be found here.

Alternatively, users can simply surf the internet for whatever they fancy, use social media, take Instagram photos or simply use it to read an online book. Whatever the entertainment, car Wi-Fi simply makes life easier.