Long road trip? Satellite Poker!

Gambling is a free world in the sense that any person in any social class can partake. However, there are bigger and lucrative tournaments with huge payouts. Needless to say; the bigger the wins the higher the buy-ins. The annual Las Vegas World Series of Poker (WSOP) is but an example. So how can you gain access to play in such a big event?

That’s where satellite poker tournaments come in play. These are basically an event to another bigger and better one, typically with a higher buy-in. A satellite poker tournament, therefore, has a smaller buy-in, which offers many budget gambling enthusiasts an incentive to play. The winner is normally awarded a ticket to a bigger poker competition. Consider the following example:

If 5 poker players come together around a table, each with a focus of partaking in a bigger poker contest with a buy-in of $2,000, it means that each of them must bet $400 dollars. Once the winner is determined, s/he walks away with $2,000-worth of a ticket to the big event.

Top Tips on How to Use Satellite Tournaments to Big Poker Competitions

Luckily, the doors to the big buy-in events aren’t fully closed to the budget gambler, as satellite poker (whether single- or multi-table) offer opportunities to step up to the big stage. Poker-Rakeback gives you great tips to help you excel at the satellite level.

Select a Satellite with Many Seats

It cannot be emphasized the increased winning opportunities that a satellite with many seats offers. Unlike most luck-driven tournaments available with other online sites, satellite poker offer a real chance of winning. If not, players can also win by outlasting their fellow contestants. If the buy-in is significant but manageable, a win may mean the key to the next Main Event.

Play Tight to Avoid Risks

Whether it is a super-satellite, MMT or a sit-n-go you should always play tight. In a satellite, there is no need to have all your chips in play. That increases your risks. Playing cautiously in position minimizes risks while enabling you to pile up your chips.