How to Fix the Outside of Your Car By Yourself

Auto body work is one of the most popular do-it-yourself hobbies that countless car owners enjoy. From changing headlamps to buffing the surface to a mirror-like shine, there are a number of tasks which are easy to perform and that can be accomplished in a matter of hours. A brief review of some common repair tips can help you decide if you wish to become involved in this field.

Fixing Dents

The occasional unsightly dent is nearly impossible to avoid. Luckily, smaller imperfections can be removed with a suction device. This tool can be picked up at any local car care store. Two (or four) suction cups will attached to the surface around the dent while a larger one is placed over the dent itself. As the central cup is pulled away, the dent will be removed and in most cases, only a slight memory will remain.

Repairing a Windscreen

A minor chip in your windscreen can turn into a major problem very quickly. Any crack over a few centimetres long should be dealt with immediately. Once again, an auto supply store will offer repair kits which contain a specific resin that can be inserted into the crack. Once the resin dries and the excess is wiped away, it is likely that the chip will be completely invisible. This is a proactive way to avoid having to replace the entire windscreen in the future.

Deflating Tyres

If you note that you have to add air to a tyre regularly, it is likely that a pinhole puncture exists. First, visibly check the walls of the tyre as well as the treads. If you find an embedded foreign object such as a nail, a replacement is warranted. Still, you could see no visible signs of damage. In this case, purchase what is known as tyre foam. This foam is sprayed into the tyre via the same connection that you would normally use with pressurised air. This foam expands when it enters inside. When you drive, the centrifugal force of the tyre will cause the foam to stick to the inside tyre walls. In turn, most minor leaks can be sealed for a very long time. If you note that air is still being lost, it is always best to take the car to a repair shop.

These are three easy do-it-yourself tips that can save you a great deal of time and money. Most importantly, you do not have to possess a working knowledge of cars or boast a mechanical inclination to feel like a true repairman (or woman)!