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Ideas for Improving the Interior of a Car

While keeping the exterior of a car in good condition is important, it is the interior that an owner will see more of and making sure this is neat and comfortable for driving is sensible. There are a number of simple ideas that can be used to fix up the inside of a car so it looks its best and the following are a few to consider.

Cleaning the Seats

Seats can become dirty over time as a vehicle is used and cleaning them is a simple way to spruce up the look of a car interior. There are plenty of one-step spray and lotion cleaners specifically designed for leather seats and most of these also work to keep the material supple. Similarly there are products aimed at vinyl or cloth material, so that finding a cleaner for car seats is fairly straightforward. Using these regularly will help to keep seats in good condition and looking their best.

New Seat Covers

If seats become too worn that cleaning does not improve their look, it could be time to consider investing in new seat covers. This also provides the chance to completely change the interior appearance by opting for a new color or pattern. Universal covers are the more affordable option, with this style intended to fit the seats of a number of vehicle makes and models. A better fit can be obtained by choosing custom made covers although these are more expensive to purchase.

Cleaning Carpets

A lot of dirt, dust, and other debris can be brought into a car on shoes and end up on the floor. Vacuuming on a regular basis is therefore advisable, as is a more thorough cleaning of carpets occasionally. This can help to keep them in better condition and remove any unpleasant smells that a build-up of dirt can cause.

New Floor Mats

A simple idea to protect the carpets in a vehicle is to put in place car floor mats. These also make the floor easier to clean as much of the dirt can be lifted out by removing the mats to wash them. While many come in a basic black plastic, it is possible to find brighter colors or patterns and this is a simple way to add a little more style to the interior of a vehicle.

LED Lights

LED lights can be installed in a few locations inside a car to brighten up the look and they are typically available in a few different colors. They can also be a practical feature that provides some illumination at night. A more discreet option is to place one in the glove compartment to give some light when it is opened. Other options include installing them in the footwells, on the dashboard, or along the top of the windscreen.

Drivers can spend a lot of time sitting in their cars on a daily basis and making sure the interior is comfortable for this is common sense. The ideas above are some that can help improve the inside of a car, so that it is a pleasure to get in and set off on a journey.

How to Fix the Outside of Your Car By Yourself

Auto body work is one of the most popular do-it-yourself hobbies that countless car owners enjoy. From changing headlamps to buffing the surface to a mirror-like shine, there are a number of tasks which are easy to perform and that can be accomplished in a matter of hours. A brief review of some common repair tips can help you decide if you wish to become involved in this field.

Fixing Dents

The occasional unsightly dent is nearly impossible to avoid. Luckily, smaller imperfections can be removed with a suction device. This tool can be picked up at any local car care store. Two (or four) suction cups will attached to the surface around the dent while a larger one is placed over the dent itself. As the central cup is pulled away, the dent will be removed and in most cases, only a slight memory will remain.

Repairing a Windscreen

A minor chip in your windscreen can turn into a major problem very quickly. Any crack over a few centimetres long should be dealt with immediately. Once again, an auto supply store will offer repair kits which contain a specific resin that can be inserted into the crack. Once the resin dries and the excess is wiped away, it is likely that the chip will be completely invisible. This is a proactive way to avoid having to replace the entire windscreen in the future.

Deflating Tyres

If you note that you have to add air to a tyre regularly, it is likely that a pinhole puncture exists. First, visibly check the walls of the tyre as well as the treads. If you find an embedded foreign object such as a nail, a replacement is warranted. Still, you could see no visible signs of damage. In this case, purchase what is known as tyre foam. This foam is sprayed into the tyre via the same connection that you would normally use with pressurised air. This foam expands when it enters inside. When you drive, the centrifugal force of the tyre will cause the foam to stick to the inside tyre walls. In turn, most minor leaks can be sealed for a very long time. If you note that air is still being lost, it is always best to take the car to a repair shop.

These are three easy do-it-yourself tips that can save you a great deal of time and money. Most importantly, you do not have to possess a working knowledge of cars or boast a mechanical inclination to feel like a true repairman (or woman)!

Some Great Forums for Car Lovers

In the past, automobile aficionados could certainly share their enthusiasm amongst friends and the local community, but the rise of the Internet has now provided us with a massive number of online forums to discuss the wide world of cars and other vehicles. So, what are a few of the best forums for those who are looking to meet other like-minded people, exchange ideas and make a few friends?

As this site has been in existence for fourteen years, many consider it to be the oldest continually run forum. So, it should come as no surprise that there are literally tens of thousands of members from across the globe. Indeed, this site is as eclectic as it is entertaining. Expect to enjoy discussions surrounding modern cars, classics, hybrids and any other type of vehicle. Rooms are categorised by the type of car in question while there are other platforms such as buying guides, a section devoted to common questions and a general “lobby” where you can meet others.


Although this site is not a forum in and of itself, the discussion rooms which can be enjoyed are said to be some of the best in the business. As Automobile Magazine is very popular, it would only make sense that many readers have joined this forum to exchange ideas and keep abreast of the latest news. Another massive benefit of this site is that industry experts are also members; any common questions can be quickly and easily addressed.


This community portal has existed for quite some time and the automobile technology forum which can be accessed hosts countless users. From professional advice to brand-oriented questions, CNET is a great starting point for those who have just entered into the world of automobiles.

These are examples of excellent forums which will provide a further sense of enjoyment in the automotive industry. As each is free to join and registration takes only minutes, connecting with such a diverse community is quick and easy.