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Long road trip? Satellite Poker!

Gambling is a free world in the sense that any person in any social class can partake. However, there are bigger and lucrative tournaments with huge payouts. Needless to say; the bigger the wins the higher the buy-ins. The annual Las Vegas World Series of Poker (WSOP) is but an example. So how can you gain access to play in such a big event?

That’s where satellite poker tournaments come in play. These are basically an event to another bigger and better one, typically with a higher buy-in. A satellite poker tournament, therefore, has a smaller buy-in, which offers many budget gambling enthusiasts an incentive to play. The winner is normally awarded a ticket to a bigger poker competition. Consider the following example:

If 5 poker players come together around a table, each with a focus of partaking in a bigger poker contest with a buy-in of $2,000, it means that each of them must bet $400 dollars. Once the winner is determined, s/he walks away with $2,000-worth of a ticket to the big event.

Top Tips on How to Use Satellite Tournaments to Big Poker Competitions

Luckily, the doors to the big buy-in events aren’t fully closed to the budget gambler, as satellite poker (whether single- or multi-table) offer opportunities to step up to the big stage. Poker-Rakeback gives you great tips to help you excel at the satellite level.

Select a Satellite with Many Seats

It cannot be emphasized the increased winning opportunities that a satellite with many seats offers. Unlike most luck-driven tournaments available with other online sites, satellite poker offer a real chance of winning. If not, players can also win by outlasting their fellow contestants. If the buy-in is significant but manageable, a win may mean the key to the next Main Event.

Play Tight to Avoid Risks

Whether it is a super-satellite, MMT or a sit-n-go you should always play tight. In a satellite, there is no need to have all your chips in play. That increases your risks. Playing cautiously in position minimizes risks while enabling you to pile up your chips.

How to Bring Your Dream Car Closer To Reality

Dreaming about owning a Ferrari or maybe even a Lamborghini? Sometimes your dream car can seem tantalizingly close but you just don’t have enough money to make it a reality; you’re already working a day job and you don’t want to give up too much of your precious free time. Not to worry – we’ve come up with a few ways for you to make up the difference.

Affiliate marketing

If you like writing, taking photos or have a talent that you love to do, why not set up a blog or a website to share your work. In time, through affiliate marketing, you can bring in money by promoting companies and brands that you support on your blog. Basically if someone buys a product from one of the brands you feature on your blog, after clicking on your link, you get a nice commission.

Become a movie extra

If writing isn’t for you, why not consider becoming an extra in a movie or TV series. The work entailed is pretty minimal; it is usually a lot of waiting around before you have to act out a small part in the background of a shot. There’s very little actual acting involved and the pay is usually pretty good.

Play online live roulette

In an ideal world, making extra money should be fun. Roulette is a popular casino game because it is easy and exciting to learn how to play. You can play it at live casinos online from the comfort of your own home and enjoy a hobby that brings in some extra cash. If you want to learn the basics, there are plenty of online resources that will help you out.

Dreams aren’t realized overnight. It will take time for you to make enough extra money to afford the car of your dreams, but once you succeed all the time you invested will be worth it.

Where to Get Snus Outside of Sweden

Snus is a niche tobacco-based chewing product that doesn’t require spitting. It’s steam-pasteurized, which makes it moist, and is widely used in Norway and Sweden, which are the only European countries in which it is legal. It’s sold primarily in these countries, as well as the Faroe Islands. It’s also used in Belarus and Russia, and has gained a growing popularity in the United States, although the production quality isn’t comparable to the way it’s manufactured in Europe.


Swedish snus made with air-dried ground tobacco is that is then mixed with water, sodium and an alkalizing agent, typically sodium carbonate. After it’s heated again, there are food grade aromas that are usually added to give it flavour. It’s sold in a loose variety, which comes in packets or portioned in tea-like bags that come in various sizes ranging from mini to maxi – normal is, as one would guess, in between. The mini portions are usually about 0.5 grams; the normal size is about 0.8 to one grams; while the maxi portions can range up to 1.5 grams.


Although purchasing snus can be difficult outside of the aforementioned countries, it is available online through sites which have a wide variety of products for snus connoisseurs.

While it’s still illegal to purchase it in most European states, there are ongoing debates and campaigns around making it legal, given its widespread use.


Snus first became popular in the 1600s in France and was initially used as a remedy for headaches by Catherine de’ Medici. It’s smokeless and is primarily used by placing it between the lips and gums for extended periods of time. The popularity of snus eventually spread to Sweden in the 17th century, and production began there in the 19th century. The oldest known brand that’s still sold today was registered in 1822, and to this day it’s widely enjoyed.